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Prophecies, Seized Casks, Bankrupcies,
1 Feb

01/02/2024The internet has a long memory, in the sense that they say (whoever they might be) that data can always be found, even if you think you’ve deleted it. It certainly seems to work that way with politicians and their Tweets. I always assume that people know my stance regarding buying casks, because 2010, and […]

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Due Diligence – GDPR vs HMRC obligations. The Saga Continues
27 Jan

The issue: HMRC require us to check up on seemingly every detail that we can find online about owners in our warehouse, without being specific or giving examples of what is too much. HMRC can ask us for information about owners many years later and demand to see evidence that we’ve done our due diligecence. […]

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The Whiskybroker Detective Agency….
20 Jan

Other than the first two paragraphs and the last paragraph, this text is copied and pasted from Excise Notices so please don’t blame me if you’re bored! As an Excise Warehousekeeper, we are responsible for performing due diligence checks on all owners of Under Bond (Duty Free) products in our warehouse. Some of your will […]

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Changes in how we deal with cask transfers
25 Nov

25/11/2020In the past year, Whiskybroker have seen a huge increase in the number of sales of casks within our warehouse which appear to be investment-only with no interaction at all between the owner and the cask, other than on paper. In some cases, casks may have transferred hands 4 or 5 times within a year […]

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The Angels’ Share, leakage or just losses?
18 Nov

You purchase a cask of whisky and are excited about the prospect of bottling it in the future. Years of expectation. You bottle it. What happened? Why are there only 100 bottles? The person who sold it to me promised me I should get 240 bottles! Owning a cask of whisky should be exciting. It […]

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Investment companies and “reasonable” prices
16 Nov

In 2014, we purchased empty warehouses. I sought to fill these warehouses with as many casks as possible to get the new premises earning money as quickly as possible. In doing so, I bought and sold casks, and encouraged people who purchased my casks to move casks they owned in other warehouses to store with […]

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Warehouse Life and Maturation
3 Feb

A few years ago, when we were having this website created, Jane and I were full of ideas about the things we would do to make it as interesting as possible for casual readers and whisky enthusiasts alike. My theory was that, although a distillery is in our plans for the future, what we do […]

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New Website
7 Nov

To everybody impatiently waiting for the new bottlings, Sorry that we haven’t got them online yet – I spent a few hours last night adding products and cropping photographs, but we realised quite quickly that there is one crucial feature worth waiting for. Although we will be gradually changing most of the photographs and content […]

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